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Welcome to Ragefire

Ragefire is an Old-school RuneScape Private Server, packed with tons of exclusive items, monsters, quests and areas only available on our unique server. If you're looking for another boring OSRS server with the same old content, then you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking for a different kind of server with custom game-play and features not available elsewhere, then this is just the server for you! We invite you to try us out by downloading our client. If you're not impressed by our content, no hard feelings! Custom OSRS content isn't for everyone, but that doesn't change how hard we've worked on our exclusive content to give our players various perks such as having more items to work for, more enemies to battle, more minigames to play and areas to explore! Adventure into the world of Ragefire and experience all it has to offer!


Latest Updates

Both the ranger and adventurer at home have been moved inside of the bank.
You can now find all the shopkeepers from the shops area at home, where the general store is.
Some items were removed from the shops, please visit them again to see the new inventory.
The general store now sells tinderbox and eggs.
The armour shop will now sell proselyte sets.
The archer shop has a new inventory offering more bows, more arrows and more d'hide sets.
The archer shop now holds 10.000 of the bolts instead of 1000.
The food & potions shop now sells unnoted shrimps for free. This allows poor/new players to always stack up on food quickly. Meant for low level players of course.
The food & potions shop now sells (4) prayer potions instead of (3).
The magic accessories shop now sells 50k of each rune instead of 3k.
The weapon & accessories shop now sells scimitars from bronze to rune, along with obsidian maul, granite maul and amulet of defence.
The barbarian assault shop no longer sells dragon scimitar, which is now a melee guild exclusive.
The melee guild now sells DDS instead of a regular dragon dagger.
Toxic whip now has a special like the other whips.
Primal maul is now two handed instead of one handed.

Top Contributors

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#1: Chilli578 $600
#2: A Fish $300
#3: Sondre $150